C. Charles Jackson Foundation

The C. Charles Jackson Foundation


To advance leadership, character, and life-skills education for students of all ages, with an emphasis in K-22 educational institutions and not for profit organizations that seek to advance student development and leadership potential.


The C.Charles Foundation offers grants by invitation only for universities, colleges, schools, and non-profits alike that seek to build, expand, and refine their leadership programming efforts.


The C. Charles Jackson Foundation is partnering with the Charlie Life & Leadership Academy to provide university/college and non-profit leadership program scholarships for students (typically between the ages of 17 and 22). If your institution/organization would like to participate please sign up below for more information.


Each year the C. Charles Jackson Foundation offers a no-cost leadership conference designed for Leadership Center/Program Executives, Directors, Administrators, Faculty, Advancement Officers, Pre and Post Secondary Program Leaders, and other Leadership Professionals. This conference offers attendees the chance to learn about the CCJF granting process while socializing project ideas. Afternoon speakers, shared best practices, and networking with colleagues is also a key part of the day. To view this year's invitation and registration CLICK HERE.

Through this mission our vision is...

To play an integral role in developing our next generation of leaders throughout Minnesota, the United States, and where and when appropriate, throughout the world.

We see our next generation of leaders becoming more physically fit, emotionally resilient, mentally skilled, philosophically grounded, and spiritually centered. This commitment first begins with self-mastery and then extends into broader human systems including: interpersonal, team, organization, civic/community, and beyond—the development of the Global Citizen.

By supporting (directly and indirectly) institutions and programs that share this mission and vision, we seek to develop our next generation of high performing leaders who will influence our state, our country, and our world for good and the betterment of humanity in every conceivable personal, professional, and civic “Meaningful Life Arena.”

Through this vision we endeavor to influence and support…

  • Leadership center development
  • Leadership programs growth and support
  • Academic and applied research related to the ALT dimensions (individually & collectively)
  • Cutting edge projects that support leadership, character and life-skills development
  • Online leadership training through the Charlie Life & Leadership Academy
  • Other pioneering work that advances student leadership development and potential

Our Goals

  • To support projects, programs, and research that will generate measurable and sustainable results
  • To promote projects, programs and research that have the capacity to advance leadership, character, and life-skills education (K-16) at the regional, national, and international levels.
  • To partner with organizations whose missions and vision coincide with the CCJF
  • To grow as a charitable entity for future generations
  • To advance the cause of leadership, character, and life-skills education for students of all ages

We Value

  • The ALT dimensions and their role in developing tomorrow’s leaders
  • Education programs designed to cultivate human potential from the inside-out
  • Initiative and self-reliance in individuals, programs and organizations seeking our help
  • Win-able causes with measurable outcomes
  • Scope, scalability, and sustainability
  • Technologies that provide low cost and scalable resources for all young adults
  • Collaborative partnerships with other like-minded organizations
  • Humility, integrity, commitment and service for causes that transcend self-interest
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